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Each issue offers you the latest thoughts, research, and books by leaders in the field of
Energy Medicine. Grow your practice with business tips from initial practice set up to
on-going marketing and client retention. Stimulate your mind, reflect, grow and learn
while enjoying the latest issue, delivered to your inbox every other month.Energy Magazine Covers Spread

Energy medicine practitioners—you won’t want to miss this magazine! This is your go-to resource for everything you need to support your Energy Medicine practice.

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What We Eat and Our Energy System is a handout designed to assist you in exploring the realm of eating to support your energy system. It includes two tools developed by Deanna Minich – Nourish Your Whole Self and the Seven Systems of Health.

Energy Magazine features:

  • Diverse perspectives from leaders in the field
  • A wide variety of energy medicine modalities
  • Best practices for specific illnesses
  • Latest scientific research
  • Tools for self-care
  • Advice for growing a business
  • Inspiration and encouragement for your journey

Energy Magazine’s pieces are written by leaders in the field such as

  • David Feinstein
  • Donna Eden
  • Larry Dossey
  • Cyndi Dale
  • James Oschman
  • Joan Borysenko

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