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2015 Energy Magazine Calendar

2015 Energy Magazine CalendarIn the 2015 Energy Magazine Calendar, each month is represented with a beautiful mandala image. The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and loosely translates to mean “circle.” The circular designs of a mandala are far more than simple shapes. They represent a wholeness, are a symbol that life is never ending and a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to the infinite. It may be said that a completed mandala is a living item that has a healing power. One can take a personal journey following the depths and colors of the mandala to experience peace, relaxation and healing. Mandalas may be experienced in all circles of life including nature, our friends, family and community.

Each mandala is coupled with an affirmation. The root of the word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, meaning “to confirm, restore.” Let the energy of your thoughts and words as expressed through these affirmations bring tranquility, vitality and joy to your life.

Perfect for your office wall or as a gift for family and friends.

Click to purchase the 2015 Energy Magazine Calendar (Note: Redirects to the Healing Touch Program Store).

Energy Magazine Bookmarks

Energy Magazine BookmarksMagazine bookmarks are a:
- Excellent placeholder for all your books and magazines
- Reminder of self-care principles
- Handy outline of the seven energy centers
- Useful handout for clients
- Thoughtful gift for friends and family
- Spread the word about your favorite magazine

Pack of 100.

Click to purchase Energy Magazine Bookmarks (Note: Redirects to the Healing Touch Program Store).